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Date: Mar 16, 2019

Location: Newton, United States


What We Do:

The Conjur team at CyberArk has a simple mission: to make software more secure.

The Conjur product suite is used by developers, operators, and security personnel to protect their cloud infrastructure and delivery pipelines. We integrate with all of the popular DevOps tools available today. And we do all of this based on a high-performance open-source core.
Since most of the Fortune 500 uses CyberArk software, you've probably heard of most of our customers. Even though they operate in some of the strictest regulatory domains, our software is used to meet their demanding requirements for very high levels of security and compliance.

Most importantly, we allow our customers to move fast while staying secure.

Here's Who We Need: 

The Conjur team is growing fast, and we need a product owner to join our team. Similar in spirit to a Scrum Product Owner, a Conjur Product  Owner is the interface point between Product Management and the engineering team.

The Conjur Product Owner is responsible for driving near- and mid-term product backlog priorities. They ensure that the engineering team has the information, context, and details needed to create the best experience from our product features.

We practice "Experience-Driven Design" (XDD) to ensure that the many types of personas using our products get what they need and love what they get. While creating prioritized feature lists and well-written user stories are necessary parts of our process, they won't make an awesome experience appear on their own. Therefore, the Conjur Program Owner must be technical enough to understand our domain and technologies but also care deeply about the quality of experience our product delivers.

What You Love
You are highly motivated by the outcomes your products help create. Seeing customers delighted and succeeding with your products is a great professional pleasure for you.

You love to help create complete, finished products. A rock-solid "Definition of Done" is one of your most trusted tools.

You love seeing an engineering team in sync with your vision for how a product experience should materialize. Driving alignment across an engineering team is something you do naturally.

You love working in an agile manner, in all that you do. Pivoting based on new information is something you understand as an inevitability, not something to resist.

What You Have: 

You have experience working as a  Product Owner on a team that has delivered software products or SaaS using a truly agile approach.

You've demonstrated an ability to take high-level strategic requirements and translate them into a form that a technical engineering team can understand, and you've driven alignment within those teams.

You always dig deep to understand the root cause behind a customer's request, because you've learned that many times the initial "ask" from them is not the right solution for the true problem they're facing.

You've been responsible for ensuring the quality of experience and completeness in a product before it ships. And your products have shipped very frequently.

You have a serious passion for learning. Not just about new topics, but also about yourself: you welcome and elicit feedback on what you can do better.

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